Top 10 Business Ideas in Bangalore: 100% Profit with Low Investment


    • Bangalore is expected to be the world’s fastest-growing city until 2035, with a projected GDP growth of 8.5%.
    • The city’s economy contributes over 43.65% to the economy of the state of Karnataka and accounts for 98% of the software exports of the state.
    • According to the estimates, the Metro GDP (PPP) of the city has grown to US$320.1 billion in 2023.
    • India is expected to be the fastest growing economy among the G-20 nations in 2024, with various agencies revising India’s GDP growth forecasts upwards to around 7-8% for the year.


Are you residing in Bangalore and planning to start your business in Bangalore but have no clue how to get started?

Bangalore has startup ideas in the air, where every third person can be seen with an innovative startup idea.

Worry not, we are here to help you with the best business ideas in Bangalore.

There are many people who are planning to start their own businesses but aren’t sure what business is best for them and how they can initiate their journey of entrepreneurship.

Bangalore, also known as ‘Silicon Valley’ is full of business opportunities for business enthusiasts. The city with its rich culture and heritage offers a variety of ideas that can be used for starting your own business in Bangalore.

Bangalore is a hub of startups where you can also find your pathway to success in the business world.

Why you should start your business in Bangalore?

There are various reasons for you to get started in Bangalore, Let’s see what are the Pros and Cons of starting your business in Bangalore.


High Profit in Low Investment: Bangalore has a great potential of generating great profits for businesses with minimal investments.

Skilled Labors: Due to top universities and institutes in Bangalore, there are plenty of options for skilled young minds looking for new opportunities.

Great Networking: Being the startup capital, Bangalore has endless networking opportunities for business.

Developing Infrastructure: Bangalore is well-known for its growth and development, the developing infrastructure of the city provides you with the best options for fulfilling your business requirements.

Government Schemes: To support the startup culture of Bangalore, the government has also initiated several programs and schemes that can be a great advantage if you are planning to start a business in Bangalore.


High Competition: Due to the availability of options and advantages to business startups, there is high business competition in Bangalore.

Cost of Living: The city is not the cheapest of all and has a high cost of living, so you have to manage your finances accordingly.

High Population: With growing business opportunities in Bangalore, also comes the growing population of the city.

Top 10 New Business Ideas in Bangalore with Low Investment.

5 Offline Business Ideas in Bangalore

1. Water Supply Service:

Ever had one of those days where you’re dying of thirst but the water supply seems to have taken a vacation? It’s a common problem in Bangalore, where access to clean water can sometimes feel like a luxury. But what if there was a hero on wheels, delivering fresh, purified water right to your doorstep? That’s where a water supply service swoops in to save the day. Picture it: no more lugging heavy water cans home from the store or worrying about the quality of what’s flowing from your tap. With a subscription-based model, you can ensure your customers stay hydrated and happy, all while building a steady stream of income.

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2. Mobile Parlor:

Let’s face it – life in Bangalore moves at the speed of light. Between work, errands, and trying to squeeze in some downtime, there’s barely a moment to spare for self-care. Enter the mobile parlor, your personal grooming genie. Instead of trekking across town for a haircut or manicure, imagine these services coming to you, wherever you are. Whether you’re a busy professional, a stay-at-home parent, or just someone who values convenience, a mobile parlor brings the pampering to your doorstep. Say goodbye to salon queues and hello to relaxation on your terms.

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3. Fashion on Wheels:

Bangalore’s fashion scene is as vibrant as its street art, but not everyone has the time or energy to explore it. That’s where fashion on wheels steps in – your very own style sanctuary on the move. Picture a trendy boutique on wheels, stocked with the latest threads and accessories, cruising through your neighborhood or popping up at your favorite hangout spots. Whether you’re a fashionista on the go or just looking to spice up your wardrobe, this mobile marvel brings the boutique experience to you.

4. Organic Food Corner:

In a city where fast food joints outnumber trees, finding healthy eats can feel like a treasure hunt. But what if there was a cozy corner where fresh, organic goodies awaited? Enter the organic food corner – your oasis in a desert of preservatives and pesticides. Picture baskets brimming with farm-fresh produce, shelves stocked with wholesome snacks, and a friendly face ready to dish out nutrition tips. Whether you’re a health nut, a foodie with a conscience, or just someone who loves a good avocado, this corner caters to your cravings for clean, green goodness.

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5. Paying Guest Accommodation:

Ah, the eternal struggle of finding a decent place to crash in Bangalore – especially if you’re new to the city or on a tight budget. But fear not, weary wanderer, for the paying guest accommodation is here to rescue you from housing problems. Imagine a cozy nest with all the comforts of home – comfy beds, hot showers, and maybe even a homemade meal or two. Whether you’re a student, a young professional, or just someone looking for a place to hang your hat, this PG accommodation offers a safe and welcoming haven. So kick back, relax, and let your worries about finding the perfect pad melt away.

5 Online Business Ideas in Bangalore

1. Organic Healthcare Items Delivery:

Health is wealth, and Bangaloreans take their well-being seriously. If you’re passionate about wellness and sustainability, why not launch an online store specializing in organic healthcare items? From herbal supplements to eco-friendly skincare products, there’s a growing demand for natural alternatives in Bangalore. Curate a selection of top-notch organic goodies, championing transparency and authenticity every step of the way. Your online store could be the go-to destination for health-conscious Bangaloreans looking to nourish their bodies and minds.

2. AI Agencies:

With Bangalore being at the forefront of India’s tech environment, there’s a growing demand for AI solutions across various industries. Establishing an AI agency that specializes in developing custom artificial intelligence applications can be highly in demand. These solutions could range from chatbots and virtual assistants to predictive analytics tools tailored to meet the specific needs of businesses. Offering consultancy services alongside product development can further grow revenue streams and establish credibility in the market.

3. Grocery Delivery Services

With the increasing demand for convenience, especially in urban areas like Bangalore, a grocery delivery service can thrive. This business involves creating an online platform or app where customers can browse through a wide range of groceries, place orders, and have them delivered to their doorstep. You would need partnerships with local grocery stores or warehouses to fulfill orders efficiently. Offering features like same-day delivery, subscription services, and discounts can attract more customers.

4. SaaS Startups:

Software as a Service (SaaS) startups are increasingly popular in Bangalore’s tech ecosystem. This business involves developing and providing software solutions that are accessed and used over the Internet. Identify a niche market or a specific problem that businesses or individuals face and develop a SaaS product to address it. Whether it’s project management tools, CRM software, or accounting solutions, there’s always room for innovation and new entrants in the SaaS industry.

5. Digital Marketing Services:

With the rise of online businesses and digital presence, there’s a growing demand for digital marketing services in Bangalore. This business involves offering services such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing, content marketing, email marketing, and pay-per-click advertising. Building a team of skilled marketers who understand the local market trends and consumer behavior can give you a competitive edge. Focus on delivering measurable results and building long-term relationships with clients.


In conclusion, Bangalore offers a fertile ground for entrepreneurs with its innovative ecosystem and supportive infrastructure.

Whether through offline businesses like water supply services and mobile parlors or online businesses such as AI agencies and digital marketing services, there are several business ideas in Bangalore for immense success.

Despite challenges like high competition and cost of living, the city’s advantages like skilled labor and government support outweigh the risks.

With determination and creativity, aspiring business owners can thrive in Bangalore’s dynamic environment and realize their entrepreneurial dreams.

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